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Gain confidence in Jetpack Compose instantly

A pragmatic way to start using Jetpack Compose without re-learning everything from scratch

View to Composable comes with more than 100+ code samples of how to do things you already know from Android Views to Jetpack Compose. No fluff, on point, with as little theory as possible.
(pssst: keep scrolling the pages to the right 👉👉)

Shows you how to do things in Jetpack Compose you already know from Views

Packed with content. Covers all common cases and patterns you need to use Jetpack Compose straight away

What people are saying about View to Composable

Jorge Castillo
May 2nd 2022

I had the chance to meet Alex the other day and we talked about his plans regarding his book. I think his practical mindset on the way to approach to it will make it an instant recommendation for anybody learning Compose.

July 28th 2022

Just what you need to get started on Compose when you migrate. Instead of a lot of articles.

I could only compare it to:

- some Mark Murphy books like Elements of Android Jetpack

- (non-android-dev example) Raywenderlich's series of books 'iOS N by Tutorials' in which they describe new things in new iOS version.


Bought in-process book about 2 month ago.

Martin Kiperszmid | Programador
Aug 24th 2022

Brooo Your book has everything are you kidding me

Love it

⚡ Catalin Ghita
May 4th 2022

This looks really dope 👀 I'm sure this ebook will move mountains!

Daniele Bonaldo
August 19th 2022

Jetpack Compose learning curve is not simple. This book is helpful in understanding the differences with the traditional View system and how to implement stuff.

Ivan Morgillo 🐕💻⚔️☮️❄️🧘🏻‍♂️
May 5th 2022

Take what you already know about Views, mix it up with the new Jetpack Compose declarative approach, and you are good to go! I love it! 🥰 Great stuff Alex!

🤌 sebastiano 🤌
May 5th 2022

Alex has a great talent in explaining the basics of Compose, and his material on the topic so far has been excellent (follow him for tips & videos!).

I'm looking forward to seeing this book coming out and helping out folks migrating their apps to Jetpack Compose 🤓

Pre-ordered today, waiting for the book.

Georgios Metaxakis
May 3rd 2022

Just pre-ordered. Go on take yours too 😁