Learn Jetpack Compose without wasting hundreds of hours

Build apps with Google's new UI framework using all the knowledge you already have using Android Views.

Heya πŸ‘‹! I'm Alex Styl from Composables. Google released Jetpack Compose almost 2 years ago. I was really excited to try it out as I have been building Android apps for more than 10 years. Even though I saw Jetpack Compose's value from the start it seemed like a pain to learn. Learning a new framework is not easy and it needs a new mindset.

I started tinkering with Jetpack Compose since its early betas. After a lot of building apps with it, I was finally able to build UI at the same speed as I as doing with Views.

Being new to it I wasted a lot of time on things that didn't work. There wasn't much content on the Internet or ChatGPT to help back then. Even though there is a lot of content now, it's still hard to find the right information.

View to Composable shows you how to do all the things you already know from Android Views to Jetpack Compose. It is packed with more than 100+ code samples. No fluff, on point, with as little theory as possible.

This is not just a book – it's everything you need to start using Jetpack Compose NOW

This resource is the closest thing to plugging your mind to the Matrix and installing Jetpack Compose to your brain. It contains every single thing you need to know to start using Jetpack Compose in your apps. Literally. There is even a chapter on architecturing your Jetpack Compose app, navigation in Compose and UI testing.

Each purchase comes with PDF and ePUB versions. It also grants you access to the web version (you are looking at it right now) with copy-pastable snippets and code highlights for all examples.


  1. Understanding Compose Code – Free


  1. TextView to Text – Free
  2. EditText to TextField – Free
  3. Displaying Images & Photos
  4. Iconography
  5. Buttons in Compose
  6. Toolbar to TopAppBar
  7. Dialogs and AlertDialogs
  8. Snackbars


  1. LinearLayout to Column & Row
  2. FrameLayout to Box
  3. RecyclerView to LazyLists
  4. Grids in Compose
  5. ViewPager in Compose
  6. ConstraintLayout in Compose
  7. Bottom Sheets in Compose

Views Interop

  1. Using Views from Compose
  2. Calling Android APIs from composable functions
  3. Theming your Compose application
  4. Drawing Edge-to-Edge (Inset handling)

Structuring your Jetpack Compose app

  1. Managing state
  2. Navigation in Compose
  3. ViewModels in Compose
  4. Structuring your Compose application
  5. UI Testing in Compose

Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the content or it was not what you were expecting, you can get 100% of your money back within 30 days of your purchase. Simply reply to the purchase email to get your refund. No questions asked.

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"Take what you already know about Views, mix it up with the new Jetpack Compose declarative approach, and you are good to go! I love it! πŸ₯° Great stuff Alex!"

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"Alex has a great talent in explaining the basics of Compose, and his material on the topic so far has been excellent (follow him for tips & videos!)"

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Special thanks

Special thanks to all proof-readers for their incredible work reviewing chapters of this book. More specifically I would like to thank:

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